Massage Therapy

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For that extra pampering and relaxation. ***All services will receive a choice of wine, mimosa, or herbal tea, warm soothing towels for back and neck and steamed aromatherapy foot wraps to ease you into a world of bliss. Your room will be lightly scented with sweet natural plant aromas.

Swedish Massage.....30 min...$50 / 50 min...$65 / 60 min...$75 / 90 min...$115

Enjoy the traditional spa experience as you relax with a gentle and lighter style of pressure to help you relax, rest and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Therapeutic Massage.....30 min...$55 / 50 min...$75 / 60 min...$85 / 90 min...$125

A full body experience with a holistic approach that utilizes comprehensive techniques of Swedish and Therapeutic therapy to enhance overall well-being. Allowing time to focus on releasing muscle tension, to soothe body aches and stiffness, using a firm to moderate pressure customized to the client’s needs.

Hot Stone Massage.....60 min...$100 / 90 min...$150

This ancient method of massage using smooth heated stones will melt away muscle tension, detoxify the body and relieve your tired and fatigued muscles. This form of “Earth Medicine” can potentially be the most effective massage there is.

Massage add-ons

A touch of stone.....$10

Begin your massage with hot stones that are used to warm up your tissue on your back to loosen the tissue to maximize the effect of whatever style massage you have chosen.

Essential oils.....$5